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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14 Blog - oh how vacation seems so long ago

It has been a while since I last wrote, but I had a good excuse, we were on vacation. We flew down to Miami on July 2nd. This summer is our bi-annual trip with Arnie's family. So we flew down a few days early for some family time. We stayed on the beach and just hung out at the pool, did an Everglades tour and checked our the SeaAquarium...all great.

On Monday we boarded Royal Caribbeans Majesty of the Sea for a 4 night cruise to Key West, Bahamas and CocaKay which is RC's private island (which very funnily is right next to Norwegian Cruise Line's island). The kids had a great time with their cousins and grandparents. We enjoyed good food (and I actually lost weight...see what happens when no snacking in between meals), good entertainment and a great encounter with Dolphins. We didn't have good weather at all, but it really didn't bother anything.

The best part was no real reception and my mailbox was full by Monday so I couldn't send emails if I wanted to. I could delete what needed to be, but truly did no work until Sunday evening. It was great. The girls got their Bahama Mama braids and still have them in, so everyday I am reminded "it couldn't have been that long ago" but boy does it seem so.

I started the week with two back-to-back meetings with my new boss and organization. It is taking form, but trying to do all that and my day job is a bit tough. The kids have been in their 'skating' camps all week. Ben is in ProAmbitions hockey camp and loves it. The girls are in a local ice skating camp...and of course Claire is demanding a skating outfit for her show on Friday.

So we are back in the swing of things, counting down until our other cousins, the NY cousins come to town in a week...Yippie.


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