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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Children and chores

We have started to introduce chores to our kids. We started very "formal" with a chore list that they could check off what they did each day. If they did their chores they got paid. It lasted about a month. Some things they loved doing and we didn't even have to ask (like feeding the cats) and other things never really took off (like making their beds).

They stopped almost all chores and missed the money after about 3-4 months. They started asking when they would get paid again, and I said when they do their chores. Lately they have taken a much greater interest again. The girls actually love to clean - Swiffer in particular. Ben still likes to feed the cats and help with the garbage.

Tonight the girls decided to clean their playhouse and playset. The asked for a bucket of water and cleaned for over an hour. They actually did a really nice job overall. I haven't been giving them money each week because it still isn't consistent, but instead give some money when I feel they earned it. The problem with this is sometimes I forget. Ben said to me this morning "when will I get paid again?" It was kind of cute. For that he got his $3.

I guess the lesson I learned is to just "ease" them into it and let them do things they like that help you out. Don't "assign" things but talk about it with them. Any little help I get from them makes my life a little easier and I will take that.

For those in Cincy watch Fox 19 tomorrow at 8:25...I will be on talking about helpful web sites for family vacation.


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