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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/28 Blog: Windows, weeds and more

What a beautiful day in Cincinnati today. For those in NY you are in for a gem tomorrow, just a perfect day. Of course it calls for two more beautiful days and then rain on the weekend again. We had rain last weekend, just in time to rain out Ben's baseball game and it continued through Monday night, which meant no practice either. The boys are going to be rusty.

But rain on the weekend would mean no mulch the weeds keep coming. I hate weeds, a lot. I can't take them, notice them in my beds (and other peoples) and just can't put up with seeing them. So each night I got to a part of the house and start picking away. Tonight Claire decided she liked to pull weeds, which really helped a ton, four hands are better than two.

We got two big areas done in the back. We also cleaned up our "rock" area where the water drains. We had bought some bags of rocks to fill in that space but I wanted to get some of the weeds out first, so we finally got to that.

My night started with quick leftovers for the kids. They were all happy getting to choose what they wanted. Arnie had a hockey game so I was on my own, a perfect night to clean out the fridge. While sitting eating dinner as the sun came in the window I realized that I really needed to clean them, so I got my bucket, ladder and off I went. I got half-way done when my neighbor Tracey came over looking for her cat. We chatted for a while and then I finished them.

I probably should have exercised but decided to get the weeds done instead. I finally saw a specialist yesterday about my tail bone. I did something to it after xmas and it has been really painful since. He diagnosed it and told me I need to do non-impact exercise 4 times a weeks to get it to heal, plus medication and other stuff. You all know me and my dislike of exercise...but let me tell you, the pain is enough that this will make me do it. I got a long walk in last night, but not yet tonight. I may put the exercise on demand channel on and do some Yoga.

For now I am off to put the kids to bed.


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