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Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2 Blog: rain rain go away

UGHHHHH is all I have to say after another washed out weekend in Cincinnati. So far our late Spring has been the reverse of early spring . In March we got tons of rain, but always mid-week. For the last two weeks we have had gorgeous weekdays only to be rained in the entire weekend.

After two in a row I am about to lose it. Between PMS and the rain I am lucky I didn't kill my husband this weekend. I have so many outdoor things that need to be done that it is starting to cause some stress. I just want it finished. But he had no desire to work outside, even when it wasn't raining because the ground was so wet.

You all know me, I was out there anyway, getting whatever I could done. This only made me angry as I struggled on my own at times.

Then I decided I would tackle another project that didn't require going outside, that was to order the prints from the professional photos we had taken in Florida. My mom mailed me the disc from the photographer and off to Sam's I went with the girls. The kiosk was relatively straight forward, I only had to ask for help a few times (and for me the tech clueless person that isn't bad). All went well until the guy asked me "who took the photos."

Of course I told the truth and said a photographer in Florida. He asked me if I had the copyright approval to print them? My blank face told the story of "what the heck does that mean". I guess photographers are getting pissed that people are copying their photos at places like Walmart so they require a release of some kind. Of course I didn't have this . We paid her a sitting fee and for the discs.

The one time I forget both phones!!! I called my parents when I got home and asked them to get a hold of her. She was out of town and supposedly going to send something today. This meant I couldn't' finish it this weekend. Again you know me...when I start something I want to get it done quickly. Not stretch it out. So strike number 2. This made me even angrier.

Then we had to cancel Ben's game. Which should not have been a big deal but I think I just needed to get outside. It hadn't rained in 8+ hours, but the field was a mess apparently. So no game. Instead I made some chili and settled in to watch some shows I had DVR'd. I did get a walk in with Claire which was great.

Today we volunteered at the Cincy Flying Pig marathon. We were all supposed to go in the AM (be there by 8) at mile mark 20.5 It was thundering and lightning at 7am so I didn't want to take the kids out in that. We agreed Arnie would go and I would play it by ear. This let me sleep in. Around 8:30 we started to watch the Princess and the Frog and it cleared up a bit. I got the kids ready and off we went at 9:30 to join daddy. I brought the video so they could watch it in the van if it started to rain again (which it did).

It was great being out there. I can't even run a mile so seeing those people were great. I felt so bad for those coming through around noon, that was already 5.5 hours and they still had 5 miles to go, that is over 7 hours likely...WOW. What an accomplishment. Good for them, but so sure that will never be me.

I guess the only upside of another rainy day was there was no guilt in doing some work today. Arnie had a hockey game at 4pm and I had 4 girls over playing with my 2, yes...6 girls between the ages of 4 and 7....and they were actually quiet for the most part. Enough so that I got some work done before making dinner (of course soup and grilled cheese, my rainy day staple).

I even went for a walk in the rain after dinner with Ben. I am having lots of problems with my tailbone and the specialist said "non compact cardio exercise 4-7 times per week, so I have to get out there. It is nice taking one of the kids with me, between skipping and running they keep up with "mom's fast walk" as they like to call it. And I get some 1:1 time, I am going to have to keep this up.


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