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Monday, May 31, 2010

I love long weekends

There is nothing better than a three day weekend, particularly when you have Monday off...because you go back to a short work week. I love them...I used to love them because it meant you went away. Hopped on a plane or in a car and got away. In my post college days it was to our beach house at the NJ shore with all my Scranton buddies...the season officially started on Memorial day and off we went. Sitting in traffic for hours to get to the beach, every weekend until Labor day. Post grad-school it was to go see a friend somewhere, either back home to the east coast or up to Chicago. There are always fantastic festivals that go on for Memorial day up in Chicago.

While we were in Europe it was an excuse to go visit a new place. All of our European friends used to think we were crazy that we could only spend 3 days in a city and feel like we "got to know it" in Europe they don't go anywhere for less than a week.

Now that we are back in Cincy and with kids, our long weekends tend to be in Cincy. Usually catching up on yard work, bar-bqs with neighbors and maybe checking out the highlights in the city for the weekend.

We had fantastic weather so we spent a ton of time outside. Ben's baseball game, graduation parties (yes in Cincy high school graduations were this weekend, so much earlier than in NY), pool parties, and more. We did go inside to see a not so good rendition of "Ain't Misbehaving"...we left at intermission...not good.

Our big "tasks" (because you all know me, I had to get something off of the to do list) was to re-stain our kids playset. Arnie powerwashed it last weekend so this weekend was about re-staining it. We spread it out over the three days and got it all done. It looks brand new. That was the best investment ever, bought it used from a neighbor for $750 (vs. over $5K new) and two coats of stain later it is still working just great.

So the summer season is here, though now officially summer for a few weeks. The Reds are tied for first, Cincy is loving it, it is already hot and humid so feels like summer, and our yard is ready for some parties.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you who lost a loved one in war.


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