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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green Thumb? Round two

Many of you know last year I attempted my first vegetable garden, despite not enough sun. But I tried. It did pretty well until record setting rain wiped out all my vines, and my inexperience didn't help. Let's just say my green beans were doing well until I touched them.

For Christmas my husband got me a book called "square foot gardening" and it is about above the ground gardening. We are giving this a try this year. I also cut back a lot to try to get more sun. Tomorrow we are having another 6 trees removed which may help to.

So this weekend I finally planted the garden. I got all the supplies over a month ago, but between mulching, rain, baseball and other priorities we didn't get to it until yesterday. I am so excited and hope we get some great veggies this summer. Between helping with "sustainability" and teaching my kids how to grow your own food I just love the idea of it...I wish I had more of a green thumb.

Before planting our garden we did the Forest Hills 5K run yesterday. Arnie ran with Ben and his friend Andrew, they ran the entire thing and finished in 31 minutes, not bad for a 7 year old. I walked with Sarah and Claire. They ran part of it but I managed to catch up at water stops, we clocked in at 42 minutes. We were so hot and sweaty, so getting dirty with the garden didn't seem so bad given our starting place.

So another Saturday filled with lots of hard work, the theme of weekends in Springtime. We work hard all day and then finish our evening with Ben's baseball game. Last night we had fantastic weather, nice and sunny and the boys played fantastic. Between the great game, 5K run and garden we thought we deserved DQ. What a treat.

Now time to get to the other week, the work week. This one is a crazy one for me. Once a year each category reviews their innovation pipeline with the CEO. Beauty & Grooming is doing it this week, so tons of prep for three days before we share out stuff on Thursday...wish me luck.


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