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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

40 and healthy

So I had my physical today. I hadn't been to the Dr. in over five years and thought now that I am 40 a physical may be a good idea. The funny thing is they told me "I was no longer a patient" because I hadn't seen her in five years. So if you are healthy, you lose...go figure. Anyway I finally got an appt and went. All is well, bloodwork is good and yes metabolism has slowed down, can NOT lose the 7 pounds I have gained. She said it is very normal, I say it stinks big time.

She spent almost 40 minutes with me which was fantastic, so nice. We compared how we get to India (her name is Dr V, short for Vrishabehendra) when we fly (and yes there is no easy way) and other topics. My tailbone is still in much pain, and she didn't make me feel better when she said it could be months...ugghhhh.

I do have to say I think very differently about my health now, and I don't know why. Suddenly I force myself to take a vitamin. I try to eat better. And even try to exercise (but definitely not doing so good). Maybe it's good marketing, maybe a bit of paranoia but my habits have changed simply by turning 40. The good thing is I was comparing pictures the other day. We got professional photos taken on the beach in Florida and my project was to get them all printed and framed.

They turned out fantastic, from huge posters to smaller ones. Anyway, I was replacing photos on my desk and put a new one of Arnie and I in. It happens to sit next to our wedding photo. I an honestly say I don't think either one of us looks 10 years older. In fact I think we look pretty darn good for 40 and 44...let's hope the next 10 years go so well :)


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