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Monday, April 26, 2010

4/26 Blog: the love of photos

I love photos, taking them, looking at old ones and yes even putting them away. Digital photos have really changed the way many people think about photos. Today they are easily posted to facebook or others sites and shared with friends and family. But there are thousands of people who never print them, instead storing them on discs and computer hard drives.

For me the love of photos comes in looking through photo albums and remembering the good times that were had when the photo was taken. I still print my photos. I know that sounds bizarre to a lot of people but I do.

It is not easy. In fact photos is now a multi-multi-step process. First you take them, which is very much improved from the old days. Remember the excitement of picking up your photos only to be disappointed that they didn't turn out right...glad those days are gone. Now you can pick and choose and instantly re-create the moment if you have to (just like "reality" TV).

Then you upload them to a computer somewhere. For us that is a two step process, first to our hard drive and then to From snapfish we share them with our distribution list. I tool the time to set this up while in Europe, and haven't really touched it much. This means there are people who really wish they no longer get the link and others who should get it and don't. But that's how my family sees our photos, as I am not a big fan of posting them on facebook (too much time to only choose a few).

Then a few times a year I purchase the picks. Usually about 400 at a time. When the kids were young I did it more often. Now I plan for a weekend day to do my photo albums. If all kids are in the pic I buy 3 of them, as I want all their photo albums to be complete. I don't scrapbook, never found the time. But I do have books from the day they were born til now. Less and less I find I have "family books"...never any pics of just Arnie and I. So we really do "live" through our kids and their albums. One day I will give them all to them, something I never got from my mom (though it isn't too late I guess).

Sarah already must be like mom, she takes out her album from her shelf almost every day at quiet time and looks through them, she loves it. Me too. I love pics and having them to look at time and time again. Just like my wedding video (yes I still watch it).


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