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Monday, April 19, 2010

4/19 Blog: Exercise and the busy mom...possible?

The busy mom fitting in time for exercising…is it really possible?

I have been thinking about this a LOT lately and decided to do my monthly FOX segment on it this here it is for you all to read...enjoy.

Moms play many roles in life; mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher/nurse/manager. Many of us at one point also played the role of athlete or gym rat. I personally found that the first role that fell from my list when I had children was athlete/exercise enthusiast. I used to play in many sports leagues throughout the year after work but when I started my family it was too difficult to commit to playing.
I was able to lose my baby weight after each of my kids likely because I breast fed so the weight easily came off. I also walked a ton with the kids in the stroller and was constantly chasing after someone. But as the kids and me got older, instead of running after them I was sitting at their events watching them. My physical activity was drastically reduced, and the weight came. Now I really need to exercise more, but struggle to find the time without the guilt of leaving them for hours at a time (which for me is important).
As I looked at what friends are doing and what works for me, I pulled together some tips to think about:
· Make fitness a fun family outing or activity. Head to the nearest walking or bike trail and go for a ride together. Check out a city or county park and go for a hike. The kids will love being in nature, you spend time together and you are actually getting a workout in.
· Exercise while they practice. We spend a lot of time shuttling kids to various events or practices. Take the time while they are at the practice to exercise. Now in the spring during baseball, soccer or lacrosse practice go for a walk around the fields. I rollerblade on the walk around Short Park in Newtown while my son practices baseball. If your fitness center is close enough you can even drive to that for a 30 minute routine and get back in time.
· Exercise on Demand at your leisure. Time Warner cable has an Exercise On Demand , Channel 426 in Cincinnati. It has everything from Yoga, Aerobics, 10/20 minute work-outs, dancing, 30 day work-outs, Biggest Loser workouts and more. Because it is on Demand you simply begin the program of choice when you want in the comfort of your own home and you save the drive time.
· Exercise before the children get up. Most fitness centers are open very early, so you can get a work-out in before the kids are up. My husband swims a few times a week while me and the kids sleep. Not ideal for the evening person, but another option that doesn’t take away from family time.
· Alternate nights with your husband. This tip isn’t my favorite because it takes time away from your family and spouse, but it does work for many. Simply alternate nights with your spouse for workouts so someone is always home with the kids.
· Take advantage of daycare at your fitness center. Many fitness centers have daycare provided for young children. You can drop your kids off and get a quick work-out in.


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