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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/21 Blog: Just finding the time

You know when you have those things that you really should or want to get done, but just can't find the time. And then they pile up on top of one another, adding stress to your already busy day. That certainly is what the past couple of weeks have been for me.

I guess it started with me backing into our garage door. That morning, like any other morning, I hit the button for the garage to go up and it did. At least I thought it did. Unfortunately the bottom panel stopped near the top, I backed-up and BANG. Arnie immediately came out and was amazingly pretty calm. Needless to say I didn't immediately stop so I really "pushed" the door out of the rails. It took us about 10 minutes to figure out a way to get it back on the tracks so I could at least go to work. Amazingly it did very little damage to my car, just broke the 3rd brake light cover at the top of my hatch.

So, now we needed to get the door fixed or replaced. This is on top of trying to get the yard in order, which also included leveling a portion of our yard for the new trampoline we bought. That took every night last week and all day Saturday.

I also needed to go to the Dr. I have been having a problem with my tail bone since the first of the year and have put off seeing a Dr. hoping it would go away. But is hasn't. So I also needed to find time to get to the Dr.

With all this piling up I decided to work from home yesterday to get it all done. In one day I met two garage door companies, went to the Dr, got a pedicure and was amazingly productive. Not being the office means focus and I could crank through some projects and make a dent on my work to do list, while crossing off those hard to get to items. Saving the hour of drive-time plus walk into the office also makes me more productive.

I was so HAPPY at the end of the day, knowing I took time for my personal needs (like the Dr.) and to fix the problem I created with our door. If you have the flexibility to work from home every now and then, or even on a regular basis I recommend it. You'll find the shorter walk to the kitchen for lunch, bathroom for potty breaks and no one to talk to actually increase your productivity a ton.


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