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Saturday, October 3, 2009

10/3 Blog: "Mommy going on vacaton again"

Kids are so wonderful, and truly able to grasp much more than their age would often let on. My four year old last night said the following to me while I was tucking her in "mommy why do you get to go on vacations all the time and we don't?" To give background, I am sitting in JFK airport right now about to board a flight to Delhi, India for work. I will be gone one week, returning next Saturday. I was sitting on her bed telling her that I would be gone, to be good for daddy and so on. That is when I got her remark.

I guess in their eyes anytime you get on a plane we go to vacation, so it must mean that mommy is taking a lot of vacations. It is just so ironic because nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only don't I get to do any sightseeing on any of my trips, they are physically exhausting because on top of the long days, hours of traveling and jet lag, I often lose precious weekend days and run around like crazy making sure everything is done. Let's just run down the last 24 hours.

Because I would be gone for an entire week I made sure the laundry was done, sheets washed, kids clothes laid out for the next 7 days, they knew to pick an outfit each day, grocery list made for Amber, Sam's club list made for Arnie, mail sorted and bills paid, Amber's discretionary money draw was filled and on and on. So I leave thinking the family will be okay and survive I hope.

Even with all this it will be tough on Arnie. It takes a lot to prepare every meal, bathe the kids, clean up, make lunches and all the other stuff as a single parent. I really don't know how single parents do it every day in and day out. This is actually my first global trip that we haven't called in help. My parents were almost upset with me that I didn't tell them about it so they could have come. Arnie's parents are coming for the weekend next Friday, so officially he has help the last 20 hours before I arrive, but really he is on his own.

So, I tried to explain to Sarah that I don't ever take vacations without her, but mommy has to go to work. I think she got it...but likely not. I just hope what is means to her is to be on extra good behavior and a helper to daddy.


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