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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8/25 Blog: First day of school

We had a big day in the Zucker household today...the first day of school. For two of our kids it was a first. Claire's first day of Kindergarten and Ben's first full day in 1st grade (as our K is 1/2 day only) - which meant he got to eat in the cafeteria. Arnie and I both blocked our calendars this morning to be able to be here with them. Arnie made a special "weekday" breakfast of pancakes for the big day. Sarah didn't even wake up and because we were home, Amber could stay home instead of going to the bus stop, this meant Sarah got to sleep in past 9 for the 2nd day (we were camping this past weekend and went t.o see the Jonas Brothers Sunday night, so she needed the sleep...more on that tomorrow).

After breakfast I got the cameras out and began to snap away to mark the occasion. The bus stop was so cute, three new additions this year (and we lost 2 to middle school)...Claire and the Taylor twins who went to a full-day K at a different school last year. The pile of bookbags was really cute. Ben chose Bakugan which is a big part of his life these days. Claire just went for a cute one from Children's Place (well mom did because I got it cheap, but I knew she would like it because it was "girly").

I called home after Claire got home and all had gone well. They phase in K so only half the kids were there. She loved every minute. Ben yelled "I love school" when he got off the bus this afternoon, so I guess his day went well too. Of course the homework has not started, so we will see how long that last. The great news is that is three best buddies are all in his class (and there are four first grades), not sure how we got that lucky, but we did. Let's hope they are still best buddies in June :)

Tomorrow I am on Fox talking about tips for back to school. For all of you reading they are simple: lay the clothes out for the week, stock up on healthy food for lunch, pack lunch the night before, set a homework time, and be sure to dial back bedtime a couple of weeks before school starts or even after it starts as they will really tired after the first few days. I hope your first day goes as smooth as ours was.


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