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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7/28 Blog: UGHHHH technical problems

Gosh I wish I was more technically advanced. Nothing is more frustrating then having computer problems and not being able to fix them (and neither can my husband). I have a Fox segment tomorrow so I wanted to type up a packing cheat sheet to put online as part of the segment. I quickly typed it up while Arnie was clearing the tables and loading the dishwasher. Great, not even 7:30 and all I needed to do was email it to Sheila at the station. Well, one hour later it was done. For some reason my work computer would not pick up our wireless network. It happens more than it should, and for the life of me I don't know why, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

So, I saved the file to a flash drive and would email it from our home computer. Only one of our home computers has my book email account saved as a favorite so I wanted to use that one. The other computers were online as the kids were on them, so I knew wireless was working. But not on that computer...why, oh why...after unplugging every cord possible it finally worked. Essentially that computer has a hard wire to the wireless given the router sits next to it, but the cord had loosened. Finally the email was off, after a very frustrating hour.

I am amazed with how unproductive technology can make it. Of course its productivity gain probably offsets it, but it is unreal. I have a printer at work that every time we loose power has to re-set the IP address. But not an easy thing, I have to call tech support each time. I try not to complain as 99% of people share a printer, but gosh is it frustrating to come in one day and have a printer and not the next day...and believe me, at an innovation center where their are labs, pilot plants and more we loose power a LOT!

So now I am going to try to log onto my work email remotely on the web on my home computer. I really need to get an email out to my team regarding a meeting in the morning...please cross your fingers for me, as I am sure you can all relate to what I am feeling right now and how frustrating it is to spend an hour on something you thought would be five minutes, particularly given how busy we all our.


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