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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7/21 Blog: Back in the "swing" of things

So, it is my second day back in the office after being out two weeks. While I worked the first week, it is very different when you are remote versus physically present, people just don't "bug" you with every little thing as much. I actually like being "bugged" and asked questions, I think it gets decisions made faster and keeps things moving, but every now and then it is good to just be away and get some work done.

For those who go away on a vacation vs. a "stay-cation" I think when you on on vacation there are two schools of thought - leave the computer and blackberry at home (and sometimes you are forced to depending on connectivity at your location) or take it. It is quite a debate among people and what is best. I think it is a personal choice on how you like to be productive and get things done at work. For me, I take them. The computer to get online and stay in touch, as often we are not getting a daily paper where we are. The blackberry to "clear it out" every now and then. To me this is not "working". Sometimes I reply, if I think it will keep things moving. 80% of the time I just delete the emails, as I know it will change or get sorted out by the time I am back.

I get many responses of "aren't you on vacation" and the answer is yes! But I would rather get on every evening or 48 hours and delete then come back to 500 plus emails on Monday morning. Maybe I will try that once, just block the first 3 hours of my Monday back and go through email. Perhaps it is better. For now I like my system...and even with that system I came in at 6:15 AM yesterday to get through things before my first meeting at 7am. Because of course your calendar is jam packed given people just lost a week with you. I needed to print off some things, get through the weekends email and so on.

Yes, I could have gotten online and done email on Sunday night, but to me I was still on vacation. Instead I hung out with my kids and had fun, went to bed at 9pm when they did and got up at the crack of dawn to get back into the "swing" of things?

What do you all do when you go on vacation? I would love some advice.


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