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Friday, July 31, 2009

7/31 Blog: Where did July go?

Oh my gosh...tomorrow is August. I can't believe it. I know people say it all the time, but my time flies. For me, it has been on warp speed since having kids, really since out of baby stage. At least when I had a baby around, the day had such a routine and details to it that it didn't seem to fly. Many diaper changes, feedings, spits ups, change of clothes and so on. But it also had twist and turns pending their mood, nap schedule and so forth. For whatever reason this made it seem like time didn't fly.

Since my kids have been out of diapers it is a whole nother story. The days just fly. It seems like yesterday, literally that I was driving with the kids to NY, and it was four weeks ago. For years people told me when they would see me with my babies...oh gosh, it seems like I was just in your shoes...and now the kids are (you fill it in...out of the to college....teenagers and not speaking to me...and so forth).

I would always smile, as it's the polite thing to do, but not really knowing how to imagine it. Now Ben is only 7 (in five weeks) and I already feel it. The hours turn to days, turn to weeks, turn to months and years before you can blink and catch a glimpse of it. I was looking at the dresses I had bought at Sam's for the girls the other day. Every year when they put cute Easter dresses out I buy two of them and that is what we take our family picture in. I thought at the time, we have time, as it seemed like we just took them. Last night I looked at the photo and it was last June, so now I am late...I guess we will head to Penney's tomorrow to get them done.

By the way, I love pics at Penney's. Have nothing to compare it to other than people coming to our house, and Olan Mills which my mom did when I was a kid. The house thing was totally convenient when you had infants as you didn't have to take them out of the house, could schedule around naps, etc. But it was very expensive. I tried Penney's and we love it. Very nice, quick and you look at your pics about 15-30 minutes later, order them and out you go. They show up in the mail in a couple of weeks. They can do color, B&W, fancy layouts, any size. I think this will be our fourth time and so far three-for-three and you can't beat the price. Perhaps Sears is the same, but we are so happy we stick with them.

Work was good this week. An odd week as it was our "summer camp" which is a camp for future marketers before they enter business school for MBA. We invite people to participate for the week to get to know P&G and marketing. I spoke on a panel Monday and conducted interviews today. I love participating and with each passing year I am figuring out Gen Y's more and more. Not sure the talent pool was as strong this year, we will see how offers go. My hypothesis is people aren't giving up their jobs to sink 100K into B-school given lots of people are graduating with out jobs, even from top five schools. Not sure if I would make the same choice I did in today's environment either, as it is much riskier then when I did it back in '95.

Still working lots of organizational projects in the re-org of Beauty and Grooming and our Innovation groups. Love the work, but it has been a lot. Monday and Tuesday I will be helping out our Baby Care category in their innovation work, looking forward to it as I can speak from a marketers and moms perspective, what can be better.

In between a beautiful weekend in Cincinnati. Going to spend the day with friends tomorrow and to cheer Arnie on in his tri-athlon on Sunday...go daddy go.


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