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Friday, July 24, 2009

7/24 Blog: TGIF

You know how the saying goes...thank god its Friday. I am actually still in the office at, not a work-a-holic. Long story short, my husband's best friend from childhood is passing through town. So Arnie took the day off and heading to Kings Island, the big amusement park in Cincy with the kids to meet Pat and his family, as well as another family. They want to go to dinner afterwards, but not until they are having too much fun.

I am too cheap to go buy a ticket for an hour or two, so I am sitting here. I was working on my annual review, always a good thing to do when you have nothing better to do, but I need a break. It is eerie (sp?) being in a large office space with no one else around, but here I am. I am sure the cleaning person will arrive shortly.

The good news is IT IS BEAUTIFUL out here in Cincy, so we should have a fun weekend. I already got all my back-to school shopping done - hit the outlets while on vacation for clothes, and hit Toys R Us (buy 1 crayola item get 2 free) and Target this week for the back to school supplies and shoes, so we are all set. That means we will get to play a little. I'm voting for the zoo on Sunday, nothing better than that on a nice day.

It is also that time of year that I have to get the kids registered in their normal activities. The summer is downtime and then things start up again, Ballet, Hockey and Swim lessons are on my list. So weird that Claire is going to Kindergarten we will have one full day, one half-day and one at home, talk about transition year.


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