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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/23 Blog: Tired, oh so tired

It's 10:35 and I should be in bed, but I keep thinking "I need to blog" and do some things for my book...but I am SOOO tired. I feel like 2009 has been non-stop, truly from New Years Day on. I keep thinking it will slow down, but it hasn't. Maybe it's because work is crazy, with lots of organizational shifts, a tough economy and me always taking on too much. Or perhaps it is that the kids are getting older, so more activities, homework, schedules to manage, lunches to make and so forth. Or perhaps its because I am constantly traveling or in off-sites for an entire day, so 9pm at night is when I can actually get some work done.

Likely a combination of all of the above of course. This past week seems to have been even worse. I had to travel for work last Friday to Sunday (yes, working all weekend), which of course met a nutty week preparing to be gone, both at work but more so at home. Trying to make sure the weekend was planned out, Arnie had what he needed, I was packed and the kids understood the plan. On top of preparing to leave town, unfortunately my co-workers father passed away, so I suddenly needed to attend a 2-day off site yesterday and today. This would normally not be that big of a deal, shift some meetings, have blackberry with me so can manage emails and on we go.

BUT...I am also off site Wed at our annual North American Marketers off site, and Thursday at an ideation session all day. Oh, and Friday is a half-day as we leave to go to Georgia for Arnie's half-ironman that he has been training for all summer...yeah Daddy. So it is Tuesday night and I haven't packed for the weekend, which is not normal for me, because I really have not had a spare moment. After getting the kids to bed each night since I returned, I had to get online to get some stuff done, just to keep my head above water. As you all know if you read my blog, I am not a night person, so staying up to "work" really exhausts me - because it cuts into my sleeping time, and because mentally I find it draining.

So I am beat, dead tired. I actually slept until 9:30am on Sunday while in Charlotte. We had a team meeting at the hotel at 9:30 and I woke up at 9:30. Of course I didn't set an alarm. I had gone to bed around 11 pm the night before and thought for sure I would wake up...and I did, at 9:30am. One would think that would have done it for me, given me the extra boost I needed, but only 3 days later and I am beat again.

I almost look forward to the drive to Georgia. While the kids watch their videos, I may crawl into the back seat of the van with Ben, and snuggle with my feather pillow to catch some Z's. I will need them as Monday we arrive back at 11am only for me to "continue" to drive up 75 North to Ann Arbor for our corporate presentation on campus. I come back Tuesday and have 3 days before going to India for a week...oh, the fun continues :)


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