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Monday, June 22, 2009

6/22 Blog: A busy weekend

Happy belated Father's day to any of you out there reading this. We had a great Father's day. Arnie started it just as he would dream, with a 3 hour bike ride. He is training for a half iron-man race in September, so tries to go out each Sunday morning. It works out great for everyone, we get to sleep in, eat and go to mass, and by the time we get home he is usually arriving back. The kids could not wait to give him their card. We went to Target one evening during the week to get a desk for our computer, and they got to pick out a card. The LOVE the music cards, what a great invention. They must have listened to 6 of them before the settled on one.

By the time Sunday came around they had memorized the song (at least Claire did), it goes something like this:

Dad, you are super dad
Dad, you give me everything
Dad, I know you can fix my car
A brand new beemer would take me far
I'm so glad you my dad
Your my handsome dad, my super dad, my hero dad

The best part was Claire singing along (and Sarah trying).
The rest of the weekend was "party" time at the Zucker's.
On Saturday we hosted Ben's baseball team for an end of summer party.
Arnie is the coach and wanted to do something for the kids.
We had a great time and managed to fit it in between Claire' t-ball game and Ben's game that night.

Sunday we had our annual "anniversary" bar-bq. We have it each year on the weekend we moved in, this year it was our 6th. Just a way to see our neighbors and reflect on how grateful we are for the friendships we have formed.

To make having the parties easy we asked people to bring an appetizer, side or dessert. We supply beverages and meats. The tables could be set up all weekend. I made chicken, burgers and hot dogs on Saturday. Sunday I added sausage and peppers. It is relatively easy. We always have paper products in bulk from our warehouse club ready to go. We got to be surrounded by friends all weekend with very little work on our part...just the way we like it, low stress, lots of fun.


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