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Monday, June 15, 2009

MM Blog 6/15: Stop the madness

I know you may find this hard to believe - but I do like to separate work and pleasure. While I am married to another Proctoid, have lots of great friends who are Proctoids and love every minute of what I do...I don't like socializing with people I work closely with. I just feel I need to draw the line somewhere.

This was really important to us when we were looking for places to live when we returned from Brussels six years ago. We stayed clear of the Procter dominate neighborhoods, as we knew we would need some space. Others love it, and I can totally understand why, but given we both work there we just felt we needed to find "new people" to live near. As it ends up, two of our neighbors are P&G, but we don't work with them, did not know them before moving in, and love them to death (like most P&G people), but the key is we don't talk shop.

So, with all that as background you can probably understand why the title of this blog is "stop the madness" as I have had almost a week straight of work events at night. Some by "choice" others just because, but regardless I am spent. It all started last Wed night when my new boss was in town and the leadership team went to dinner. It was actually quite fun, we played some "get to know you games" like find a coin, look at the year and tell us the best thing that happened to you that year. We learned a lot, laughed enough and had a fantastic meal (at Eddie Merlot's new restaurant on Montgomery Rd in Cincy).

Then on Thursday I had our Univ of Michigan Ross school happy hour for our summer interns. Given I lead that team, I needed to show up. Again, I had a good time welcoming everyone, catching up with them on their summer so far, etc. Friday night was the Univ of Cincinnati School of Design, Architecture, Art and Product development annual Fashion Show. It is an annual event for Beauty marketing to go, so I headed there with my great friend Andrea. It was fantastic, except for getting home at 11. Saturday we had a wedding (yes a P&G person) and Sunday night I hosted a baby shower for a women I work with.

Tonight wasn't officially a "work" event, but it was our ladies golf night (with yes P&G people). So I am exhausted. Of course I had to watch Jon & Kate and Cake Boss. And now online. Did I also mention I squeezed in a call with Singapore at 9 :)

I swear, tomorrow I am in bed by 9...I have to, I start at 7am tomorrow so something has to give. The hard part is schools out, so suddenly the kids bedtime went back to will I keep my eyes open? Easy I guess, just looking at them, knowing the madness had ended for now and cherishing every minute with them.


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