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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5/26 Blog: Our first dance recital

My little girls have their first dance recital this weekend and last night was the "dress rehearsal."
I took it seriously and did the whole routine, fixing their hair as instructed (curly in the back), make-up as instructed (blush and lip stick) and so on. The school even asked that you do video and pictures at rehearsal vs. real performance to make things easier, so we did. We even gave our girls their "flower bouquets" last night to make it special.

It was a terrific night. I was so pleased with the girls. Yes because they new their routine which showed me they listened and learned from their teachers. But more so because they smiled from ear to ear, sat still in their seats for the entire 90 minutes and had a great time. Of course all of the kids fell asleep on the way home, which made getting out of the car very busy. So busy that I totally forgot I had a call with Asia, in fact I didn't even think of it until I was getting into my car this morning. I felt really bad, as I hate people waiting on me. Thankfully it was during their work day and I didn't make them stay up.

Once I got the kids back to sleep (which is always hard when they wake up and say " but I'm not tired") I took a quick shower. I was totally stressed as I had a Fox 19 appearance this morning and had to prepare all of my props to share (I was talking on easy picnics and meals to take with you on outings). I knew a shower would relax me.

I headed downstairs, at this point after 10pm to prepare. Of course I made a list. I always like to have a list to work from, but under stress even more so. I listed everything I needed, then packed what wasn't in need of refrigeration into a large bag. I put the list of additional items on the counter near the fridge so my morning could be as easy as possible.

At this point I was sort of wired so I did some other items. Made my grocery list out for Amber. Replaced her money draw to make sure she had enough for the week. Filled out paperwork that had come home with Ben and so on.

Finally at 10:45 I realized, I need to go to bed. I actually slept like a baby...which is saying a lot as this has been a humid week in Cincinnati and Arnie and I have been trying to not turn the air conditioning on. So instead of my normal tossing and turning, I actually slept. I guess I needed some stress and lots of activity to really tire me out.


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