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Monday, June 1, 2009

6/1 Blog: Happy June

Wow - it's June. I can't believe it. Even more unbelievable is my little boy will finish Kindergarten on Friday, and my sweet Claire will begin in less than three months. My how time truly does fly. This spring has been a whirlwind. It feels like yesterday we were heading to Canada for Spring break and now we are saying goodbye to the school year.

They say being in a state of change can slow things down or speed them up, for me it has been like warp speed ahead. Just trying to keep up with the change at work has made the home life seem to fly. I know longer feel like "getting online" at home, as the precious downtime we have is just so...precious! I truly don't want to disturb it. It is nice to just sit down and do a Sudoku game, mindless in some ways, brain exercise in others, but quiet and peaceful each time.

Tonight we had a make-up game for Ben. Not too much of a disturbance to us or any of the other 12 families as we were able to use our practice time and field. But instead of a practice which starts at 6:30, we had a game, which meant at the field at 6pm. This all meant mom went in her work clothes and heals. I guess you can say I was a 'stylish" bench coach. The boys played well and had a great time, as really is fun being there with them, cheering them on, trying to keep them from keeping score in their minds (we don't keep score) and who's on deck, in the hole, which position they will go to and so, fun, fun.

On the home front we had a great weekend. My parents came in Thursday night for the girls concert. God bless them they drove 11 hours, with my soon to be 87 year old grandma to see the girls. In their words "it was well worth it" and trumped any NY recital they have seen. They were truly impressed with how "intricate" the young girls routines were. I really had nothing to compare it to so I will trust them. They also got to see Claire and Ben play ball, and have dinner with Andrea (one of my bridesmaids who works at P&G) and her husband Bob who came over for dinner. They headed out this morning, so short but sweet.

Even shorter, my in-laws drove down Friday from Detroit, arrived at 4:30 for a 7:30 recital, then immediately go on the road after to head to Iowa (they would stop on the way) for my nieces recital on Saturday. Now that is dedication and devotion to the grandkids. So the girls had all their grandma's, papa's and mimi here, it could not have been more special for them. All of this was with me as a single parent. Arnie had his 20 year reunion at Denison, so he left Thursday after work and came home Sunday afternoon. He had a great time catching up with friends and we missed him a ton.

Well, the girls just came in and said time for bed. They want me to put them to bed so I will say goodbye.


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