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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog 5/19: Dusting off hte cobwebs

So, the one night I decide to get back on the horse, I get 90% done with my entry and hit the wrong we start again. I guess that is the story behind this blog. I am not sure what happened but I definitely got in a rut with things concerning the book. Maybe I just needed a break, or maybe it was the start of baseball season...either way, it has been a long time.

Life is still moving forward. I will say it has been CRAZY since we got back from vacation. As I already said Baseball started. This would be enough with Ben playing double A and Claire T-ball, but on top of that Arnie is managing the Pirates (Ben's team) and I am assistant coach of Claire's. We of course had to make things more busy ;)

We are still managing to keep our family in tack. Hockey finally ended but for all of April we spent Wed nights at the rink and then had our "family eat out night" afterwards. Mondays are now baseball practice, so Amber feeds the kids at 5, I pick them up and we head to the field where Arnie meets us. We don't get to eat together but we spend the night together at the park...which had a great playground for the girls thank goodness. All in all we are still doing amazingly well and eating together as a family 6 nights a week, so I know we shouldn't is just often earlier or later than usual do to other commitments, which I am sure will be normal life from here on out.

Work has been even more nuts than home. I am dealing with two major organizational shifts at once...the "reinvention" of the Marketing function which I am in which includes new measurement tools, scorecards, career paths, talent management and more. And the reorganization of Global Beauty and Grooming which is the business unit I am in. Honestly if I could just wake up in three months I would sign up for that option. I don't mind change, but the combination, on top of normal family and work things is making life a bit too much. I honestly can't wait for it all to be deployed and over with.

On a good note I took a half-day and chaperoned Ben's field trip today. I know he was SO HAPPY to have me there and it felt great to be with him. He knows there are only 13 days left and is counting down, so it was extra nice to have one more Kindergarten memory to share. Well I need to get to bed, I am extra tired as Arnie went for a bike ride tonight, got a bit lost and didn't get home until 9:35pm, so I had the kids to myself. That wouldn't have been bad, but I decided to go for a walk with them for exercise, stop by the barbers to get Ben's hair cut, take them for UDF ice cream thinking he would be home at 8:30 to relieve me...but he wasn't, so bed, etc also fell on me...totally fine, just a little extra tired.

Happy hump day tomorrow.


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