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Monday, November 3, 2008

When work keeps you away for dinner

Tonight was one of those nights when work would keep me away from our family dinner table. We had our quarterly Hair Care marketing get together. We try to make it half training, half time to connect. Tonight we had one of our Wella stylists from the institute in Chicago come and make over the hair of five people. He then explained how, what he did and a bit about the products.

Unfortunately it started at 4:30 which meant I was going to either miss or be really late for dinner. On nights like tonight, you always want to have "easy to make" meals on hand. And when I say easy, I am talking easier than the normal less than 30 minute meals I make. The same can be true for when you have a babysitter during meal time.

Tonight my husband made soup and sandwiches. No real prep time needed, the kids are happy and very little clean-up. Breakfast for dinner is another good one, as well as grilled cheese, mac n cheese and frozen pizza (babysitters love it).

This makes the night easier on the person left alone with the kids, both in turns of mind space needed, stress in preparation and time to clean-up.

The good news is I made it home by 7pm, so I still get a couple of hours with the kids.


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