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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


After doing some interviews and book signings I have quickly come to realize that there are some frequently asked questions emerging. So I thought I would answer them for all of you who are following this blog.

What is a Millennium Mom?
Hmm...a millennium mom is a women who wants to have it all. She wants a family and a job/career. She doesn't want to sacrifice one for the other. My book is written to help a "newer" millennium mom, as that is the only perspective I have to give, given that my children are between 3-6.

Why did you write the book?
I wrote the book because I wanted to help women like me. Women who suddenly had two worlds colliding...their professional/work world and their family, and didn't know how the two would work together. When you are expecting there are so many things going on and that you are concerned about that you don't need the stress of "how am I going to manage it all" added to the list. My book hopefully will help working women save some time and implement some tips and time savers that will make each day a bit easier.

Who or what inspired you with the idea for the book?
The real inspiration is the question I was frequently asked "how do you do it?" being work full-time and raise young children. So as I thought about the answer to that question I came up with a list of things Arnie and I did each day to make life easier, that became my book.

How did you do research for the book? are they all your tips or others?
I started to track what Arnie and I did each day. In fact in the appendix of the book I give some examples to share. So our life day in and day out was the research. I also shared the book in early form with my baby group and they gave me some additional tips and insights, so you will often see "from my friend xxx...." in the tips.

What are your favorite tips?
The simple ones are my favorite - never walk up or down stairs empty handed, multiple hampers, all-inclusive vacations, list of easy to make meals, gift closet, list for everything.


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