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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas Shopping all year round?

If where you live in the world is anything like Cincinnati, then you too have noticed the holiday decorations and aisles popping up in stores around you. How the Target's of the world gradually trim down the amount of Halloween aisles and replace them with Holiday decor...roughly 25% of our year is spent in the "holiday season."

When I had kids something changed in me about the holidays. I know longer enjoyed shopping and suddenly cared more about "soaking up" the holidays and creating memories. It just so happened that my first holiday season with a baby we were living in Brussels, only 40 minutes from the German border. The Germans are famous for their Christmas markets in their squares, and it didn't seem like a weekend without visiting a holiday market. We were also traveling around Europe quite a bit, so I began the tradition of buying a Christmas gift in every country we went to. Then there was a story behind it which made it more fun.

While we know longer live in Europe and don't have "holiday markets" to go to, now with three kids I have kept the habit of buying throughout the year. If I see something I like or a good deal I buy it and put it in the gift armour. Often when I like something I think my sister will too, or my mom. A trip to Sam's club can yield some great clothes finds for my younger brother, last week I found some great Polo long sleeve tees. When I stock up on my birthday gifts when they are on sale, I'll pick up an extra one for my kids. Scholastic book sales at the schools are also great.

What's in it for you is a LOT LESS stress in the month of December, but more importantly time to spend with your family creating memories. Visit the light displays, host a holiday party, bake some cookies...and laugh at all those people in the long line at the mall.


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