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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pizza Night

Oh it's Friday, and as the saying goes "thank god." As much as I love my kids and my job, I am totally exhausted each Friday and rarely do I make it to 10pm. I am always in dis-belief when I hear peers at work saying they are going out on a Friday. I just can't even comprehend it.

Worse than that, I can't even muster enough energy and mind space to think of dinner. That is why we instituted "pizza night" each Friday. You can't go wrong with Pizza takes no effort, everyone loves it, and it's easy to invite others to join you...just order more pizza.

Tonight we had Patty our neighbor and her twin five-year-old over. Their dad is traveling this week so we had her over to give her a bit of a break. She even brought a cool dessert for the kids to help make...a graveyard (think chocolate pudding, vanilla wafers for tombstones, cool whip for ghost, etc -- you get the picture. The kids loved it. Then we all played some games and now we are settling down for the night.

Next week try it and take some stress out of your life while hopefully welcoming others into your home. I'm looking forward to a pretty open weekend before a really chaotic week.


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