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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finding working moms out there

After our terrific launch party on Thursday night, I took Friday off. I thought I would relax a bit when I originally planned for it, and spend the day with the kids, getting ready for Halloween that evening.

But that's not how it ended up. Like with any "new product" the most important thing is making your target audience aware it is out there. For my book "working moms" are my target audience, particularly those with young children (or expecting a child). As I thought about how I could reach the, of course daycare centers came to mind. We used a daycare center for 5 years and all the moms were like me, women trying to manage it all. The key was how to make them aware of the book.

My husband and I brainstormed all the things we finally came up with the idea of a 'teachers appreciation promotion" where the daycare would keep money for each book they sold during the month of November and put it towards a holiday teachers appreciation gift or event. If they sold more than 50 books I would do a workshop for the parents and staff.

So, on Friday I was dropping off the cases of books at the 12 participating centers around Cincinnati. To introduce myself and thank them for participating. I hope it makes them some money to give an extra thank you to the staffs who every day help make life easier for the working moms out there. I also hope it makes some moms aware of the book, and that they like it and tell some of their friends.

In between my courier duties, I went into the office for a mentor program kick-off, because I didn't want my mentee to be left out. I also met one of my Michigan recruits who was in town for her re-visit weekend. We met for a quick coffee while I was on the road. So even personal days are about 'managing it all" time for a wonderful Halloween that evening. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.


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