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Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/22 Blog: Traveling with Kids

This week I will do my monthly segment for Fox, the topic is traveling tips for moms with kids. I thought I would post it for you all to read in case you are not in Cincinnati or Facebook.

Tips for Traveling with Children over Holiday Season

Air Travel
The airport

  • Print boarding passes ahead of time, to cut out the time it takes to check-in. Simply walk up to counter with bags to check.
  • Arrive early. It takes a while to get through security, even longer with a family. Be sure to give yourselves time.


  • Wear shoes that are easy to get off and on the kids
  • Take jackets, sweatshirts off early to place in a bin
  • Put all electronics in one bag to make it easier; gameboys, DVD players, computers, cameras and cell phones.
  • Bring food to take on the plane
    Either pack food from home (this will save money) or purchase at the airport. Airlines DO NOT have good food offerings for kids, so it needs to come onto the plane

The plane ride

  • Put all key items under the seat versus in overhead; it gives you flexibility and access at any time
  • Air Pressure at take-off and landing
    Infants – be prepared to feed them at take-off and landing. The air pressure will cause strong pain on their ears, the easiest way to get rid of it is to have them swallowing.
    Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers– have a sippy cup handy
    School age children – have gum handy.
  • Entertainment
    Bring the portable DVD, coloring, work books or any activity they can do on their own. ust remind them the trays can’t come down until you say so.
  • Bring carseats with you. For reference, they DO NOT allow the upper portion of booster seat, the seat must be one solid piece. Only bring the bottom portion.

Car Rides
Prepare ahead

  • If possible coordinate time of travel; it is best if you can limit the awake time in the car. Try to travel during nap times so they can sleep, or late at night after they fall asleep.
  • Strategize on seating and who will sit where. Depending on the age of your child you may wnt to sit closer to the children.
  • Have plastic bags on hand; to serve as garbage bag or if someone gets car sick


  • Pack a variety of food; from snacks, to sandwiches and drinks. Try to limit the amount of stops you have to make.
  • Plan out where you want to stop for dinner and time. On routes you have taken before go to familiar areas. For new routes let and others help you find the right eating place for you.
  • Make sure to have paper towels, napkins, wipes or a rag to wipe up spills


  • Similar to above, be sure to have a range of activities to make the time pass.
    Car bingo is our latest favorite. Make out BINGO sheets for things you would see on a highway (e.g. a bus, motorcycle, tractor trailer, speed limit sign, farm, McDonalds, construction zone and so forth)
  • Have the kids pick out the video they want to watch ahead of time to limit debate.


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