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Sunday, October 11, 2009

10/11 Blog: Back in the USA

I'm back...and not jet lagged thank goodness. For those of you who know me well, you will laugh and nod when I say the hardest thing about being away in India this past week was not being able to watch the Yankee's playoff games. Believe it or not the sports station on the cable in the hotel did get ESPN, so I actually watched some of the Dodgers - Cardinals game one night (or maybe it was the morning) but never got to catch any of the Yankee games. Lots of cricket though...which I love. We tried to get tickets to a match while we were there, it was a huge tournament that India was hosting and would have been a fantastic cultural experience, but it was sold out...a couple of days too late.

So now as I write this I am watching the Yankees live, in the bottom of the 9th inning trying to sweep the Twins. I should be in bed, preparing for the work week, but I just can't go to bed until I know it is over. An ironic story related to the Yankees to share. We flew back in JFK from Delhi. We left just after midnight Delhi time on Friday evening/Sat morning and arrived at JFK 6:30 in the morning. Rather than have a long lay-over we took a cab to LaGuardia to fly back to Cincy. We get in a cab and all I want to know is if the Yankees won the night before, so I ask the cabbie. He had no idea. I actually found a cabbie in NY who didn't know if the Yankees won. But, on the bright side, he was from India and we got to chat all about our trip :)

Because we flew through the evening and we were tired when we got on the plane, it really isn't too bad of a trip when it comes to jet lag. Though I should be up front and say I don't really get jet lagged. I have a system that seems to work, immediately trying to get on the "time zone" that I am going to. So that means if I am flying overnight to Europe, even though the flight leaves at 7pm, I immediately go to sleep, as it would be 1am there and they would be sleeping. In the case where it is a huge time zone difference, I try to think about what time it will be when I get there an prepare for that. So I knew it would be early AM in USA when we arrived which meant we needed to be well rested. So you sleep. We had a 15 hour flight, so if I could get 9 hours I knew I would be fine.

So far I am. My stomach is getting "adjusted" back to US food. I was the only person on our trip who did not get ill while we were there. I am blessed with a pretty strong stomach, but I tried to be smart with what I ate and it worked. The trip was fantastic. I am always bummed that we really don't get to sight see at all, because it truly is a business trip. Because it was so far for us we really packed every minute into the trip trying to talk to as many consumers as possible. Unfortunately the roads aren't the greatest so it takes a really (REALLY) long time to get anywhere, so we had to factor that in too. So no Taj Mahal, no Tigers in the wild, or white sandy beaches...all of which India has to offer. But amazing learning that will help our project move forward.

It's good to be back, hitting a fall festival with the family today, thanking God for every blessing I have as I experienced a different, less fortunate country this week.


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