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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18 Blog: Grandparents Night

Tomorrow is Grandparents Night at Summit Elementary. The night coincides with "book fair" week each year. Why they do it the week before Thanksgiving is beyond me. All I can think is that they believe everyone's parents live in Cincinnati. Last year I didn't even tell Ben. He was in Kindergarten and I hoped and prayed that they just didn't talk about it. I volunteered at the Book Fair that night (one of the only things I can do as it is at night) and saw all the Grandparents coming in with their grandchildren. It made my heart sink.

So when the email came home this year I decided I would tell Arnie's parents about it. They always want to know about "big things" so they can at least make a call on if they can come. They came down for the girls first recital for example. So I sent an email letting them know. As soon as they understood that the kids would go with them to school they were sold and it was on the calendar. I guess I sort of knew they would say yes, but wasn't sure. Heck, its a five hour drive from Detroit for them, and they have to be back for a commitment on Friday. And we are heading there next Wednesday.

But like most Grandparents, its all for the kids and no sacrifice is too large. They will drive down, bring dinner with them (yippie) and spend the evening with Ben and Claire at school. Just after breakfast they will head back home. That is pure dedication. It also melts my heart as my kids get to have a normal school event and forget for some time that they don't live by their grandparents each and every day.


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