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Friday, November 13, 2009

11/13 Blog: Happy Anniversary

This week Arnie and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. I just chuckled as I typed "celebrated" as this day often goes by in the same way as a typical day. We get up, we get the kids ready, we go to work, come home and have dinner and on we go. This year we actually went next door to have cake and coffee for our neighbor Tod's 40th birthday. I must say it was really weird to be celebrating and having cake, with no one knowing it was our special day. We knew we wouldn't go out to dinner given it was a Wednesday, we had swim lessons and I already had two work dinners this week. But going to another celebration really made me feel down. I felt like we couldn't as a family celebrate this special day.

So why did this bother me? I have asked myself this same question. I view my wedding as the best and most significant day in my life (except I guess when I was born which started life). Marrying my husband was not only the most significant thing I have done in my life, it "born" a new life. It allowed me to have new experiences, to birth three children and create a new family that is the center of our universe. So celebrating and recognizing that day is important to me. It shows our kids the importance of it and reminds them the importance of marriage and love in our lives. Not "acknowledging" it made it seem like any other day.

In the grand scheme of things it isn't a big deal. We are still happy and healthy. We had fun with our neighbors and the kids got ice cream. I told Arnie I love him and he is the best husband on earth, likewise for him. So I guess we did celebrate in our own way, and on to ten we go.


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