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Monday, November 2, 2009

11-2 Blog...Know your body

This is a very tough time of year for me. It's the World Series. For those of you who know me well, it should come as no surprise to you that I have had many late nights over the past few weeks. I am a DIE HARD Yankees fan. Always have been. The first season I can remember was 1977...Bucky Dent, Greg Nettles, Lou Piniella, Willie Randolph, Thurman Munson (God rest his soul) and so on. Back then it was the one sport on New York that a family could afford and get a ticket too. And it was on TV, what seemed to be every night on WPIX network (I guess today it would be the CW).

32 years later I am still a big fan. Obviously living in Cincy I can't watch them all the time, unless they make the playoffs. This year was great being in Utah on vacation for one week of the playoffs. The two hour time zone difference meant games starting around 6 vs. 8, and ending by 9:30. It was fantastic. But now back on East Coast time means games ending at 11:30 if you are lucky. This means I am either really tired, or missed the last few innings. I must admit I have done a little bit of both this year. I just couldn't make it last night I went to bed in the middle of the 7th, work was longing the next day. Of course all of the excitement happened in the 9th.

Thank goodness for the Internet and being able to watch highlights, and DVR to play it back (yes, I record them). But it's fun and worth it in the end. Ben loves to watch it with me and as a fan I am privileged to have them playing and the opportunity to watch. Importantly I know my body inside and out and know when I am pushing it too hard. Last week after staying up late two nights, I knew I would need to make up the sleep and planned to be in bed by 9:30 for a couple of nights.

As I tell all the women's groups I talk to, know what amount of sleep you need and respect it. For me it is 8 hours, and I can only not get it for one or two nights before I hit a wall. If I get less than 6 I am pretty much a zombie. With the kids older now I can sleep in on weekends which helps a lot. Even the kids talk about how "mom sleeps late on Saturdays." I honestly don't know how I survived not being able to sleep in for five years. Between Ben being born and Sarah turning 2 (maybe even later) I was up when a child was up. It was tough, but I got by. Now I long for weekends and just sleeping in. I may wake up at 6:45 when Claire or Ben get up, but I can easily fall back asleep...often until 8:30-9.

So my advice is know your limits on sleep and rest and be sure to get it. Your mind and body need the rest and you will be more productive overall if you give it what it needs.


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