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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The joys of children

The blessings in children are infinite, and each day brings a new, unexpected one. As of late our middle child is really blossoming into her own person. She has always been the independent one (I know stereotypical middle child) but now she is very personable and gaining a lot more confidence. With this is coming a talent of constant giggling and singing/dancing around.

Today she just had to tell us all dinner long that she was happy because "she and linda (our neighbor) voted for barrack obama and he won." Our baby would then respond (and she is 3) "well I like john mccain, but he didn't win"...when we probed Claire on why she "voted" for barrack obama her response was "I like saying his name better"...

It is these joys that make life all worthwhile. The last line I get out of my son every night as I leave his room after tucking him in, usually and "I love you mom" but other times a "I love you to the moon and back" or "to Pluto and back". Sarah asking every night "mom, will you check on my in five minutes" even though I have never gone back in her room (but she won't settle down unless I say I will), or Claire asking for the short prayer vs. the long one.

I cherish these moments and try to create more of them by having a routine with the kids that let's us get into habits like this. Find those times, be it bath time, at the dinner table, walking home from the bus stop or the car ride home from daycare to sing songs, play a game, have a chat with your child. It is amazing how inquisitive, smart and funny they are...I think you'll be entertained, warmed and surprised every now and then.


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