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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The perfect day

I love this time of year, it is my favorite by far. The cool mornings and nights and warmth during the day. The changing colors on the trees and that fresh clean crisp air. Nothing beats October in the four-season areas of the US. And today in Ohio it was 80 degrees and blue skies, and somehow the Zucker family was pretty wide open.

After a hectic September of birthdays, mommy traveling, my parents visiting, a freezer going and more I purposely did not schedule anything for this weekend. Additionally, as you will learn if you buy my book, we don't have our children in multiple activities. Perhaps you want to call me the anti-soccer-mom or maybe just a selfish parent, but we do not enroll our children in tons of activities. There are many reasons why:

1) we want the family time. Nothing is more precious than having time with our whole family together. Every dinner for sure and ideally most of the weekend. With both Arnie and I working we are committed to having family time at home as frequently as we can;

2) when it comes to 3 year old sports, piano and more I am not bought into the fact that they are learning something. While I can't teach my kids piano (because I don't have a musical bone in my body), I can expose them to music and dance. I can also teach them the rules and basics of just about every major sport. I would rather go outside and have a catch or shoot some hoops, then shuttle them to a field and watch them "herd a ball" for an hour.

3) the floodgate. As soon as I start scheduling my oldest in various activities I then have to multiply that by 3, so there goes seeing my family together, seeing my husband and down time. My third job after mom and marketing director will be chauffeur.

Because we don't have our kids over scheduled, as soon as my son and Arnie got home from his hockey game (the girls and I skipped it today so I could do laundry and book stuff) we had the entire day open. We searched online for local farms where we could pick apples and headed off around 1pm.

Apple picking, hay ride, pumpkin picking and a few cider donuts later we arrived home anxious to make an apple pie with our pickings after dinner. It was a perfect day, just for our family to take in the season, make memories and bond over apple pie...what could be more Americana than that...definitely not a soccer game :)


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