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Saturday, October 4, 2008

What to do when you are not a sales person

Well, I had my first "book event" this past week. It was called "Ladies Night Out" Dream House tour. The event benefitted the Luekemia and Lymphoma society. Women purchased tickets which got them food, drinks, a tour of a new design home, entertainment (DJ) and then their were various sponsor booths of which I was one.

I realized quickly that I need to prepare for what may be ahead for my book. We were stationed right at the first table as women entered. It became quickly apparent that the audience was slightly older than my target (younger working women), but regardless i wasn't prepared to "pitch my book". We got many questions on "what is a millennium mom?" (a working mom is the answer, one that wants a family and career). Is the author local? was another favorite. Yes...I was standing right there, but in the photo on the book cover my hair is very long. I have since donated it and it is pretty short, so now I need to make sure they know it is me.

And then unless I wanted silence I had to begin to "sell my book". Thankfully my friends at PMG, the marketing firm I am working with are much better than I am. So we went into "it offers great advice for working moms on how to manage it all" only to get my kids are all grown up. So then you go down the "it's a perfect gift for a working you have any baby showers coming up" angle, and so on, and so on.

The lesson for me is I am going to have to step outside of my comfort zone at times, and better target where we participate in events, to make sure we have lots of working moms in attendance.

This weekend my book chore is to send out t-shirts to my friends around the US. I am hoping as walking billboards they will make people aware of our web site and come visit to learn more. If you are here because of a t-shirt you saw, please send my an email (there is a click through on the site and let me know where you saw it so I can thank my good friends).


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