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Monday, September 22, 2008

There's no place like home

I am writing this after returning from one of my business trips abroad. I was supposed to be in Europe for 6 days, depart on Sunday evening and return Saturday morning. In order to get five full days in this is the only schedule that works.
But, hurricane Ike decided to hit Cincinnati with a 90 mph wind storm at 3pm Sunday which shut down the airport, which meant mom wasn't leaving until Monday. Thank goodness my counterpart flew out Saturday, so we had at least one person in the London on Monday to listen to the consumer focus groups we had set up.

Monday was me on conference calls and catching up on how the research was going, in between yard pick-up, limbs burning and work. Thank god once again I had my parents here. My dad had the 40 foot tree that fell in our yard cut up by the time my husband (who isn't so handy with tools) got home from work.

So I flew out Monday to London arriving first thing Tuesday and heading straight into research. After two long days in London, which included me driving on the wrong side (that makes children's bathes seem relaxing) I departed for Geneva for meetings. Due to the weather two of my peers chose not to fly out, so my Friday meetings were cancelled, which meant my trip got shorter on the back-end too. That was news I wanted to share with my kids fast.

When I travel I try to talk to the kids every day, so we have our time just as if I was home. They love hearing where I am and are always fascinated by the time difference. When I tell them I am going to bed and it is only 4pm where they are and haven't had dinner, they just think it is the coolest thing ever. Before I go I also make a point to show there where on our globe I will be, some how I think this makes it easier on them, they feel like they know where mommy is.

Arnie and I have also started to do something "different" for an evening out when we are home alone with the kids. Its breaks things up and makes ones evening a bit easier. This trip Arnie took the kids, and two friends (yes five kids, god bless him) to the Reds game. They had a blast, Arnie didn't have to cook dinner and somehow it easier going to bed after a bit more excitement which leads to exhaustion.

I arrived home Friday late afternoon to 3 smiling faces, the best sight on earth. Pizza night made it easy as usual, then a great game of cards with the neighbors. It felt so great to be with my family and back to my routine. There really is no place like home.


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