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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh what a night...thank you Cover Girl

I am blessed to work for truly one of the most unbelievable companies in the world, actually double blessed as my husband works there too. P&G is not only a stable, profitable company, it is a company based on values that supports it's employees better than most. Our benefits, salaries and so forth are truly top notch. But one area that P&G is not normal is "perks" per se. Most large companies like ours who deal with customers, agencies and suppliers get lots of perks for giving those people business and vice versa. You may get tickets to a sports game, the theatre, a great party or a nice gift. At P&G we are not allowed to take anything that is worth more than $25. We believe this can get you "in a predicament" if the other party thinks they will get business in return and so forth. So despite being the largest advertiser in the world (spending billions of dollars a year) we don't get perks. Given that I have never known any different, this really isn't a big deal.

Then came the email from Bruce. Bruce is a peer of mine ,the Marketing Director of Cover Girl North America. This was not a typical email. It was sent to all Marketing Directors, General Managers, Functional leaders and our President of Female Beauty at P&G. The email invited us to attend the Taylor Swift concert in Columbus, OH because Cover Girl is the tour sponsor. In this case the perk was from P&G to P& it was fine. Taylor became a CG last year and helped launch NatureLux. As part of the marketing of the product we are sponsoring the tour, and they did a great job. You could get make-overs with NatureLux cosmetics, pictures on the red carpet and more. I was thrilled to get this email, because all three of my kids love Taylor.

Thankfully Bruce was able to secure me four tickets so I didn't have to disappoint anyone. We arranged to carpool with my old boss and her two girls and were excited for the night. Then the 2nd email came on Monday night, this one had even more good news. On top of going to the concert we would get VIP treatment; a suite with food and drinks that we could go to throughout the evening, a behind the scenes tour (which ended up being given by Taylor's mom) and a meet and greet with Taylor herself. Even my 8 year old boy was having a moment with that one.

Taylor was a sweetheart, as nice as you would imagine. Very beautiful, and VERY TALL (at least 5'11" and skinny. She was over the moon with my beautiful children, I think they god "what a handsome guy", "you are so adorable" and "what a beauty" respectfully (and they will quote it to you. We had the time of our life with a great show that is like a concert meets Cirque Du soleil. The only downside was rolling into our garage at 1am, at least for mom who had to go to work the next day. I am still not completely recovered and am very much looking forward to tomorrow night.

So thanks to P&G, not only for the past 14 years but for giving my children and me a memory that will last a lifetime. Once again I know that I work for the best company in the world. As our corporate mission says "touching lives, improving lives"


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