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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Alone

I know it is hard to believe, given I am the one who always travels, but Arnie had a business trip this week. He has started taking on some additional work for Corporate Marketing in our Branded Entertainment area. Many people don't know that P&G owns a production company. We actually started "soap operas" - that is why they are called that, because we made Ivory Soap. We did this to create a venue to advertise our products. So if you ever watched Another World, As the World Turns or the Young and the Restless and ever wondered "wow there are a lot of P&G ads" now you know why.

We have since stopped the soap operas but still produce other shows like the Peoples Choice awards and WalMarts family movie night. Arnie is out in Hollywood meeting some producers to try to work out deals to create new shows. He gets to meet Mark Burnett (Survivor, etc), Ryan Seacrest (yes he produces) and others. And yes he gets to go the PCA's. Everyone keeps asking "shouldn't that be you", I think for two reasons; 1) I am a pop culture junky, and 2) I am the one in marketing. And those are both good reasons, but given we are going on big Anniversary trip at the end of the month, where we will be away from the kids, and the fact that I am going to Germany in 12 days, it didn't make sense.

So the tables are turned and I am home alone. I think I have the schedule figured out and car pools arranged for conflict nights. It does take some planning on these weeks. Ben should be walking in soon from Hockey practice, thanks to the Seenberg's for taking him tonight. Be sure to watch for Arnie on Wed night, they are on live from LA. We will definitely be viewing him.

The kids are excited to sleep with mom. We normally have that treat when Arnie goes skiing in December. That trip didn't happen this year so now they get to have the treat. They have been counting down.

Well off to play Jenga with the girls, we are having game night tonight. Enjoy your evening.


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