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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When is efficiency a bad thing?

As many of you know, I pride myself in being very efficient. My entire book is based on tips and shortcuts to save time, effort or money. This holds true at work too. I try to take advantage of every minute I have at work, always on my blackberry clearing out email while waiting for a meeting to begin. This was how I managed to get through my days and not have to work at home (for the most part). I always thought this was a good thing.

But this week I learned maybe it isn't. I am working with an executive coach, trying to become and even stronger leader and manager. In her interviews with people who work for or with me, they all noted this behavior...and not necessarily in a good way. While it showed I got things done, etc it also made me seem "cold" in some ways, because I am always working and not just chatting or catching up with folks, etc.

In reality I am listening to everything going on in the room, because I just do that. But not showing or demonstrating that I am listening and care. So what I thought was one of my best assets and strategies isn't...

This was very hard for me to hear, but it just reinforced the constant need to just breath and take a moment every now and then. Those of you who know me know this is hard, I like to be doing something and to get things gives me energy. Besides watching sports on the couch, I don't really just "sit around." But I need to. So I will work on it, and maybe even try meditation..another tip of hers. I am sure many of you are laughing, as you all know while I love the stretching of Yoga, the spiritual/chanting side of it and me don't mesh real well. So I will figure out how to take these moments and just de-compress, hopefully it will make me an even better manager, coach, mother and wife.


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