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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope each and every one of you who celebrates Easter had a wonderful one. Easter has always been a bit of an odd holiday for me throughout life. From the age of 9 we were always in Florida for Easter. So while we went to mass, as we would wherever we were, we never really had traditions associated with Easter. We didn't get baskets, or color eggs or anything like that. It was really about the religious aspect. As a young adult during business school and then single in Cincinnati, because my parents would be in Florida, I would not travel to see family for Easter, as I would on Christmas. And then I married a Jewish man, so of course it is not a big holiday for him.

What this means is the "tradition" part does not come easy to me. You all know I am a planner, but this is one holiday where I always go...I should get the kids something. I always do an egg hunt, usually inside (have I told it April set a record for rain in Cincy, and we are do to get five more days straight...everything is flooded and we have had 5 baseball and 2 soccer games cancelled and none played so far). So today they ran around two floors searching for about 50 eggs filled with candy or money. Sarah is definitely my good hunter, Ben my speedster, and Claire the master negotiator (well you found two so why don't you give me one...and it worked). With some smooth and fast hand work while going through their findings, everyone ended up with at least one egg that had a dollar in it.

I did put together little baskets (and I mean little) with a chocolate bunny, chocolate peep, Pez dispenser and a Video. As Sarah said "wow how did the Easter Bunny know we wanted these videos that we saw at Target." Gotta love it. So we slept in, had a fun hunt and went to the Noon mass vs. our normal 10AM. Everyone got dressed up and off we went (not dad of course). The best part was they were all angels, we are finally at the age that they all really behave and often don't need entertaining...all those years of pulling my hair out may be gone.

Dinner was easy to prepare as we had a dinner party last night and I had extra potatoes (baked and sweat), asparagus and egg noodles, so I only had to cook the ham. We had way too much food, which I guess made it a holiday, lots of leftovers. So a Happy Easter was had and again the religious component was front and center as it should be, and my kids did not go without a basket...phew on that one.

Next Sunday Ben makes his first Communion, so the grandparents (both sets) are coming in. I am really hoping and praying the rain goes away. First because I am sick of it. Second because I think my vegetable garden may be getting flooded. And Finally because my dad will be here to help me mulch :)

All the best and Happy Easter (and Passover).


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