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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to register, Soccer, Cheerleading, Football you name it

What an odd day it's been. Yesterday I traveled to Manhattan for an agency trip. After being delayed at LaGuardia for about an hour we finally took off and arrived home in Cincy around 8:15. Because we had been away all weekend, Arnie dropped me directly at the airport after we returned from Ben's hockey games in Owensboro, Kentucky. This meant I had to get a cab. It was kind of nice to take a cab home, I could just relax and sit back. Not that driving is too stressful, but I actually go to de-compress a bit and was excited to get home to my three big hugs.

The girls were watching TV waiting for me to get in and Ben flew down the stairs as soon as he heard me. I immediately started thinking about today because there was a severe weather forecast for Cincinnati that started at 1am. Before I left NY I sent emails out letting folks know I would likely work from home. It was forecast to snow for the entire day, but not alot, so truly up in the air. Amber, our sitter doesn't really like to drive in the snow, so I try to be prepared in case it is bad and she can't get here. So I went to bed knowing I would at least take my 7am from home, and then figure it out.

How shocked I was to wake up at 6:15 and the phone hadn't rung at all (the district calls 3 of our phones, so we know when there is a delay or closing). I looked outside and there was barely a dusting, so this made sense. Then I turned on Fox19 to see the was coming...we just hadn't gotten yet on the East side of town (all of our storms come from the West, like most of you). Next time to check email, my breakfast ceremony for a training I had sponsored three P&G women to attend was cancelled. This was good, as it would require even more driving.

I still was convinced the kids would get sent home during the day. Most school districts cut down the number of snow days from 5 to 3 this year to save money. We already have used 2 of ours, so I sensed the district would be conservative, but thought for sure once they took attendance they would send them home. What a shock when they didn't. It did snow all day long, but was melting pretty good, so the roads weren't that bad. Arnie went in no problem this morning, but he said a lot of people stayed home. It was so hard to predict what it would be like, and I am just so nervous to not be here for the kids or to allow Amber to get home.

So I got to be in my PJ's all day, finally changed into sweats at 5:30 to go pick the girls up from Acrocheer. That is when registration Tuesday started. First we stopped to register the girls for Cheerleading and Ben for Football. It is all run by the same organization which makes for one stop shopping which was nice. We saw a few friends there and the girls were excited to see lots of familiar faces who will cheer with them. Thankfully the program lets girls cheer up one year, so Claire and Sarah can be on the same team.

After cooking dinner when we got back and waiting for Ben and Arnie to get home from Hockey, we all got to eat together. As the kids ate their dessert (everyone qualified tonight) i got online to register the girls for Soccer this spring. We have never played Soccer but they both expressed an interest so we will see how it goes. Baseball should be next week, Arnie is lining up his assistant coaches now so hopefully we will be all set.

It always seems so early for me that we have to register for Fall sports in January, but for me it was so much easier this week to do all of our Spring activities with Fall at the same time. My brain was in that zone and now I feel we are done. I also picked up new "outfits" for Acrocheer today (3 of them used...yeah, cheaper) so an odd day that was very productive.

The snow has finally stopped so looks like tomorrow should be back to normal, for whatever that means in the Zucker household :)


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