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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I will miss DWTS and Idol

I remember when American Idol was born back in 2001. We were living in Brussels and it was such the rage, everyone was talking about it online, news sites and so forth. I don't recall if it was available on the Armed Forces network which was the English speaking TV we had. One station that I think I had the programming schedule memorized by the time my maternity leave with Ben was over :) But I don't think they had American Idol, as it was new and they really had all the top rated shows (which that year of course they didn't know would be the hit it was).

I remember people back in Cincinnati had pools on who would win and it was definitely the talk of the water cooler. But I never saw the appeal. I love Survivor, so it wasn't as if I just rejected reality TV in general, but I didn't have a desire to watch it. We moved back in 2003 and the folks who worked for me were really into it, work betting pool and all, so I watched every now and again so at least I could participate in the discussion (and sometimes debate :).

But then that all changed about four years ago, the David Cook year. The thing that changed it all was my kids. They LOVED it and it was a "safe" show for our family to watch. I am not an ultra conservative parent by any means, but there are plenty of shows on at 8pm that should not be, Glee is at the top of my list. It is completely inappropriate for anyone below the age of 12, particularly how they characterize teachers. But that aside, Idol was just a great family show (except Lady Gaga's foreplay last night). So it became "our show" along with Survivor. For the past two years Dancing with the Stars has been added. My girls got older and still love to dance so that too has become a favorite (and Survivor has been dropped with conflict with idol, we DVR but is is just too much TV).

I love our family TV nights all hanging out together and watching the performances. We take "fake" bets on who will be voted off and celebrate who got it right. It is fun family TV and I will miss them. The men got it right on Scotty, all us ladies that Lauren would win for sure (and I guess my 100+ votes didn't help). But with our shows now over it is a true sign that summer is here. Our last day of school is next Thursday so perfect timing to transition to nice weather (though it is STILL RAINING HERE, and TORNADO warnings non-stop) and stay outside longer and longer each night. It is a good thing the temptation of Idol or DWTS is gone, but I will miss them...or maybe just Ben, Claire and Sarah snuggling with mom while watching them.


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