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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hockey, Arizona, a cold and Duetschland

Hello it has been busy lately. Our family has been full of hockey lately, not that we aren't always, but we spent the last two weekends traveling with Ben. It is actually quite fund traveling with a bunch of 9 year old boys (most are 9, even though Ben is 8), even to the thriving metropolis of Owensboro, Kentucky. OK, I know many of you are thinking "where the heck is that" and you should be. It is almost 4 hours from Cincinnati, essentially West down the Ohio River. You first drive to Louisville, KY. Then cross into Indiana and drive along the river until crossing back to KY and finally Owensboro.

It is what you would expect, a small city with not a lot going on. The rink they have is BEAUTIFUL, brand new and by far the nicest I have ever seen. The only issue I have wtih it is it is 4 hours away. I feel so bad for their team because we aren't even the farthest team in our league for them. They must love hockey. The kids didn't mind getting killed both games because the Ramada had a pool and we essentially took it over.

One our drive down the Arizona tragedy happened. It was odd to follow it via my I-phone to be told Rep Giffords was dead, then wasn't and just trying to get the real word of what happened. I was very shaken by it, as I am by many ghastly things that happen in this country. CNN headlines just get me, big time. All weekend I tried to stay on top of it, and even more just hugged my kids and was so thankful. The loss of that beautiful little girl was just too much for me. Taught me to again not take anything for granted and to enjoy those hockey weekends in Owensboro, at least I had my entire family with me.

This past weekend we all headed to Detroit for the Motown Cup. We had a great time. Ben's team is not very good, while we are a travel team, we have more the talent of a select team. We are young and it shows. That is meant to say we get our butts kicked a lot. But this weekend we were in a bracket with 'like-talent' teams. Before we knew it we were 3-0 and the only undefeated team in our 6 team bracket. We ended up losing in the final to a team we had beat earlier that same day...but it turned a new leaf for our boys. Even at the age of 8/9 self-confidence means everything.

You have heard me say before how much of a pessimist Ben is...truly not sure where he got it from. And for as bright and gifted he is at many things, he does not have a lot of confidence or ego. I wish he had more. This can be said of a lot of our kids, their heads have been hanging low for most of the season, but the 3-0 performance got them excited and playing like another team. It was so exciting to see and be a part of.

Lucky for me the tournament was in Detroit as I flew direct from there to Frankfurt for work. There is no longer a direct flight from Cincy so it made my life easier. My week in Deutschland was great, very successful meetings (even with a ton of work coming out of is next on the to do list :0). I managed one German meal in a great Brauhaus, but on the downside had a horrific cold. I mean bad.

I guess it could have been cold hockey rinks. Or the fact it was less than 10 degrees in Detroit. Or plane germs? or just being run down. Who knows. Either way it was BAD. Many would have flew home early. I went through the hotel box of tissue each day. The bad news is they weren't Puffs, so my nose (and lips) felt it. Finally yesterday I started to come out of it (maybe it was the 12 hours sleep the night before) and today I am 80% back to normal. The good news it was away from home, so no sniffles with the kiddies. Thank goodness as nothing is worse then a family just passing colds for the entire winter. Been there, done that and don't really want it again.

Happy Monday and Go Jets (though they are down 10-0 now)....not because I really like them (as a Giants fan) but only because I hate the Steelers more.


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