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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Cincinnati got it's 2nd snow storm in the last week today. Another 4-5 inches on top of the 4 we got on Sunday/Monday. For all those reading this back East you can laugh it off, as you all know maybe this would have gotten an hour delay, but today in Cincy schools are closed, after having a 2 hour delay on Monday.

In defense of Cincy, the snow started at midnight and continued through noon, so the worst possible time for a storm to hit. Just no time to clean it off. It is also REALLY cold so it is sticking around and going no where. It was also spot on the weather man's prediction...they nailed much that I had back-up plans in place for my meetings today. Before we left the office yesterday we were prepared to hold our 7am meeting via phone, for a crazy volunteer to meet the agency who had flown in for the meeting, etc.

It ends up I am still in my PJ's sitting on my couch, now in my 8th straight hour of phone calls. Yes...I said 8 hours on the phone. At this point I am just trying to figure out how I can get a shower in before my boss's holiday party tonight (let's hope the roads are clear by 6).

But with all that said, I still say "let is snow"...I love it. I used to love it more when I lived in the Northeast where people in general are more comfortable driving in the snow. Here in Cincy people are not, but they still drive, which makes it tough. Of note, they also don't like driving in the rain. I dread rain and having to drive here, with snow I just stay home. My default position is I am not going in, because I can't take the risk of being on the roads here.

In many ways I can then appreciate the snow even more, because I am comfortable at home and can just watch it come down and blanket my surroundings. Surprisingly the kids have not head outside yet. First because mom and dad were on calls and couldn't get them dressed, and now because Amber has arrived and they are happy playing with her.

I had better get back on my call, break is over. Pray for no snow next Wed/Thursday so our drive east is a peaceful one.



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