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Monday, March 16, 2009

MM Blog 3/16: A weekend away

Sorry all - it has been a while.
This time I have no excuse other than I was thinking of you all and wanted to blog this weekend, but my mom doesn't know the key code/password to her wireless network, and I was visiting home (without a cable with me).

So this was my weekend in NY/NJ. I had to go to Jersey for a book commitment. The winner of the Home Made Simple sweepstakes lives in NJ so I was going to do a live consult with her. I flew out Friday afternoon, checked into my hotel and then headed to the city to see my college roommate Kate and bridesmaid Margaret. It was so awesome to sit and have dinner and chat with them. It is so hard to keep up with friends other than chit-chat on facebook, which is just not the same. A three hour meal was fantastic and great.

Saturday I drove down to meet the HMS winner at her home. It was great to try to help someone with my tips and put them to work. After going through her home we went to Target to get some organizational items to help her get even more organized than she is. I am hoping they find the tips helpful and as they expand their family they come even more handy.

After finishing up I drove the 90 minutes north to my parents. The kids were so upset with me that I got to see their grandparents and cousins and they didn't. I tried to explain that I would only see them for eight hours but that didn't help. Thankfully my in-laws were coming down so that would at least be a distraction from me being away. I arrived at my parents around 1pm. My dad just had knee replacement surgery so it was great to see him and help out a bit.

I am so lucky when I go home in that my entire family is in my hometown. My brother and his girlfriend came over to chat for a bit (they live across the street from my parents). I was able to walk the 1.5 blocks to see my grandmother and spend an hour with her. That night I went to my nieces cheerleading competition for their parochial school lead. The both came in first place and did fantastic. While there I saw three of my dad's four siblings, my sister's entire family, my neighbor I grew up with and more. All in eight hours. I love it, because it makes life easy for the few times a year I am there. I know it overwhelms my family at times, having everyone so close has a lot of obligations, etc but for me who is not there, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday morning I left at 8:30 to drive back to the airport. It was a really quick trip but a fun-packed one and so worth it. I was back in Cincinnati at home by 2pm to relieve my in-laws (Arnie was at a coach's clinic for baseball) and get the house in order. We even made it to the Y to register for swimming again and to Target to get summer sneakers which were on sale.

Now back to reality and checking in, hopefully this week will be easier than last.


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