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Thursday, March 19, 2009

MM Blog 3/19: March Madness

A fitting title for today's blog. We are just over half-way through the month and it has been mad. The weather here in Cincinnati has fluctuated back and forth from 70 degrees back down to winter weather in the 30's. It seems to be happening on a weekly basis. I am not complaining, because 70 degrees in March is a blessing, but boy has it been hard to lay out the kids clothes in advance. Every time I want to put away my knee high boots, and take out the peep toe heels, the weather seems to turn the other way.

It is all March Madness because the NCAA tournament started...yippie. Back when I was in shape I played a lot of basketball. I somehow managed to keep up playing in leagues until I had my third. We had moved back from Europe and I quickly got back onto a team I missed it so much. I was so horrible. Everything was off, my speed, my shot, my ball handling, you name it. It was quite frustrating. I figured it was just the few years layoff from playing. About half-way through the league I found out I was pregnant. That explained why I was so tired and a bit off. Then the morning sickness kicked in, which was just lovely...or should I say maddening. Now my love of basketball takes place in my driveway and on my couch, like right now when I am sitting watching the tournament. I love that my kids watch it with Arnie and I, and we can share our love and passion with them.

March has also brought madness at work. I have been dealing with an "issue" over the last two weeks. One of those 'I thought we had a decision up through the President, but someone else doesn't think so, so lots of swirl'...I even got a note from another senior leader that "they have failed me as leaders"...well said I guess. It will hopefully finally be solved in a meeting scheduled for Monday, until then I will continue to feel like a volcano about to erupt...not fun.

And then there are those other things in life than can just drive you Alexis Grace getting voting off of Idol last night...CRAZY, could not believe it. Or the AIG madness that is going on...or Natasha Richardson's death, finally a Hollywood couple that is normal and that happens. Maybe because I am a pop culture fanatic, and "maven" when it comes to being in the know, but things like that affect me...they just do, so the past week has been bad.

On top of all of this, my husband was sick this week. He is never sick, and woke up Tuesday morning at 5pm to violently throw up and it continues for 12 hours, he lost 5 pounds in a day, it was ugly. Thankfully it was only 24 hour thing, that fit well into our March Madness theme.

Stay healthy, enjoy the blooming trees (yeah, it has begun in Cincy) and your spring break if you school district has one.


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