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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like traveling without the plane

The last 48 hours felt like a business trip without the plane...

How is it that you can stay within your city metro area, never get on a plane, sleep in your bed, but not see your kids? Unfortunately, that is what my last 48 hours were like. In order to manage the schedule of our nanny, four days a week I am in the office by 7am, and leave at 5:15. This gives me my 10 hours that I need to get my work done completely and not do any work at home. That is the routine I like and how I am most effective.

That also means on a "typical" day I may not see the kids in the morning. Yesterday was one of those mornings. Nobody heard me in the bathroom and got up, so I was in my car without having seen the kids. Then, because it was our anniversary we went out to dinner and the theatre with our friends Andrea and Bob. Andrea was one of or bridesmaids and it was fun to talk about the 8 years and what has happened.

The show didn't have an intermission, which made me very excited as I thought...for a glimpse of a second that maybe the kids would be up when I got home. I was home by 9:30, but as I should have expected they were in bed...somehow they always go to bed earlier with a sitter...I like to tell myself its because they like us so much they want to stay up...but likely not reality. I did talk to the girls on my way to dinner, so that was great, but Ben was at a friends house.

So, I gave them lots of kisses, hugs and lay ed next to each of them for a few minutes. This morning I couldn't bring myself to leave without giving Ben a kiss. Not talking to him the night before made it seem like forever. So I went to kiss him, knowing all well that he was going to wake up and he did. He asked me to get him ready for school and we had our time together before I left.

I couldn't wait to get home tonight to see the girls. We had a little love fest and a wonderful family dinner of soup and grilled cheese. On the damp rainy night we are having, nothing could have been better. So now I am off to put them to bed (dad is getting them ready) and will read a few extra books, cherishing a normal night and being home from "my trip"


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