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Monday, November 10, 2008

Book signings, events and so on

Tonight I went to a local elementary school for their "community vendors night. " The had tables set up in their gym to allow local vendors to come ranged from a DJ, to purses, Tupperware, lotions and books. I went with my book. I keep thinking "just get out there" as we are relying on word of mouth (WOM) to drive awareness.

I realize, really, really realize now how fortunate I am at P&G to have millions of dollars in marketing support for the brands I have worked on. To know that I have the money to make my target audience aware of my new products.

Oh, how I wish we had that. I know exactly who my target audience is...working mothers with young children. I know where to reach them...daycare centers, large companies (particularly those who do well on working mother's list), parenting magazine, babies r us, baby showers, blogs and more. But how to get to them on no budget is another issue.

So for now I go and sell my few books at a time, hoping that the person who reads it will like it and tell some of their friends about it, and so on, and so on...until then, I will continue to take a couple of hours here and there, to make an appearance and keep the dream alive.


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