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Monday, September 15, 2008

Just one of those (bad) days

Have you ever had just one of those days...and before you know is it turns into multiple days. I certainly had one of those on Saturday. It should have been a great day at Kings Island. That is our local amusement park. Procter & Gamble who both my husband and I work for rent it out for a weekend in September as a "thank you" to its Cincinnati based employees. It is great, as the lines aren't too long, you see lots of familiar places and barely go into your pocket for cash.

I should have none it wouldn't go smooth when my husband gave me a hard time about when I wanted to leave. He just didn't want to go as early as I did, which meant we started off on the wrong "feet". From that point on every decision I wanted to make he just deferred to me, which I hate.

So we go there when the rides opened and all started well. But then, instead of it being cloud covered and slight rain like the weather man said it was 95 degrees and very sunny. Unfortunately I believed the weather man, so I had windbreakers and rain coats vs. sunscreen. Problem number 1. Thankfully I ran into my friend Lela Coffey who was prepared and she loaned me some sun screen...but it was still hot, which made everyone cranky.

Oh...and did I say that before we left for the day, my husband opened the freezer to find ice cream melting all over the place. Of course I say "could you tell if the door was shut" to know if it was a major problem or just we left it open, which makes him even more pissed at me (because I wanted to leave early remember).

So we come home late afternoon and realize, the freezer is not getting colder. Which meant we had to start calling neighbors for space. This created more tension and before I knew it my husband was heading to a bar to have a drink while I headed to bed (and he doesn't drink).

The morale of the story is for me to give up on my super organized ways and just not worry about being there early, etc. It was apparent my husband didn't want to rush and I pushed it. I should have been more flexible and the day would have been much better. Instead it put a tense feel into the weekend, which didn't help when we got the remnants of Ike in Cincinnati, lost power, had trees come down, my flight to London be cancelled and going to bed in the dark. Be flexible, talk it out and put and end to the "bad day" ASAP before it becomes a bigger headache than it should.


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