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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh what a month

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Normally I can say it is because I have been busier than normal, but has been nuts. I guess I can sum it up in the fact that I had packed four suitcases last week and only one is with me in Geneva now.

Let's start with the past. Our family was very excited to be heading to Chicago for the 4th of July weekend. It had been 6 years since our last trip for my friend Becky's wedding. But to get to the weekend I had to get through a crazy week that has me out of the office/away from my desk for 3.5 of the days. I had packed for Chicago the weekend before knowing I had a busy week. All was going well through Tuesday and I was enjoying "The Little Couple" on DVR when my son came running upstairs very upset that "Claire dislocated her elbow." It ends up she had broken her elbow. I knew it was bad the minute I looked at her arm, there was a bone in place it should't be, about an inch above her elbow sticking out toward the skin. I almost lost my tummy. We quickly got ice in it, her wrapped in a blanket (because she seemed a bit in shock) and loaded in the car. Arnie went to Children's hospital with Claire and I stayed home with Ben and Sarah (it was 8:45 pm so not good timing). Thankfully we have an amazing hospital who took great care of Claire, the "set" the bones back in place that night and did surgery on Wed to pin back in place the bone that was in the wrong place.

Of course the surgery was literally at the worst time ever, after a couple of delays it was now exactly the time I was due to present to my new Vice Chairman of Beauty & Grooming for his onboarding. My wonderful husband convinced me he had it covered and I kissed my baby goodbye. The presentation went great, and I was back at her bedside by the time she woke up, with her beautiful Red and Purple stripled caste.

We headed to Chicago on Friday as planned. In reality Claire was back to 95% herself on Friday, almost as if nothing had happened. She hadn't needed any meds all day and was excited to go with her sling and all. We had a great time in the Windy city...Cubs game, Millenium Park, Sears (willis) tower, river cruise, navy pier and Shedd acquarium. It was all made better by the fact we go to stay at our friends place right in Old Towne, urban living at its finest. On top of all we caught up with our friends the Munds (friends of Arnie's from Denison) and the Lyne's (my friend Becky from Michigan). Good times.

After the short week at work, which was nuts with my boss out, I flew to Geneva on Sunday in time to walk straight into a 2 day strategy session. I am now on day three and beat...I should be in bed now. So that was suitcase#1.

Suitcase#2 got dropped off at Miami University with Ben on Sunday before I went to the airport. He is at his first sleep-away camp this week, Miami's ice hockey camp. He seemed excited to go and this despite the fact that his roommate hadn't even arrived when we left. I won't get to speak to him at all, given they only can call on Wed night and it will be 1am here. So sad, but they wouldn't budge on policy...bummer forme.

The third suitcase was for vacation, that is were we head on Saturday (after I fly home Friday) to Alaska. So looking forward to it, need it and excited for what it will bring. I LOVE mountains, pine trees, nature, animals and all that we will get to see. On top of it all my parents, and sister Gina and her family will be with us, so many memories will be formed. Thankfully I have the kids packed and "piles" of clothes made for Arnie and I. I know my wonderful husband is working the little details of chargers and so forth so we will be fine. We have to be as we have out-of-town friends over for dinner Friday when I land :)

The 4th suitcase will be for India where I head 4 days after returning (after going to NYC for the day 2 days after landing).

Thank god I am my normal planner self who somehow loves to think ahead and follows a lot of my own tips, so in all the madness the kids are happy and content, Arnie is taken care of (and knows what to make for dinner because I left him a list) and I get to do what I love, and go to fantastic places. So it has been a month to remember, and hopefully one I won't have to repeat too too soon.


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